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Lawn Services


Grass Cutting

Professional lawn cuts with the best equipment on the market. Our Typical service includes trimming, cutting and blowing debris off walkways, sidewalks etc. Contact now to receive a fast quote. Price varies based on size, thickness and cutting frequency.


Fertilizing & Weed Control

In order for your lawn to grow, it needs nutrition. Lawn fertilizer provides the nutrients your lawn needs to be healthy and strong, to grow, and to stay green and vibrant throughout the dry periods of an Ontario summer. That’s why professional lawn fertilization is an important part of any complete residential lawn care plan.

Lawn Aeration 

Core aeration is a process when a lawn aerator is used to puncture the soil with small holes. These holes in the soil allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, improving soil drainage and making sure your grass gets proper nutrients. When you aerate your lawn, it enhances grass growth and has many other benefits that keep your lawn looking lush and healthy. 

We Usually pair this service with Over-seeding for top-results. 



Over-Seeding helps with lawn thickening which helps avoid patchy and dry lawns. We recommend Over-seeding early spring when the temperature is cooler as the seeds will need moisture to germinate. 

Typical timeframe: every 4-5weeks 

Sod Repair

Have a small area that needs repair? Call the experts. We fix any lawn by extracting the infected area and replace it with a fresh new sod. Leaving our lawn lush & green.

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